Bramham Gardens is a Research Lab focussed on Machine Learning and Finance

It has been in existence over the past five years.

Its 10-people team is spread between research, IT and production.

The company is recognised in France as a “Young Innovative Company” and benefits from the support of the French State-Owned Bank BPIFrance to develop its projects related to innovation.

There are two ways Bramham Gardens has been able to support money managers:

The first one is by creating strategies which get adopted by leading index providers. From these indices, certificates or ETFs can be built.

The second one is by creating more bespoke strategies relying on its toolkit, either to work on bespoke indices, on single stocks or else on asset classes often less considered such as Forex.

Bramham Gardens is very serious about building its reputation and its goodwill. As a result, it looks to publish in peer-reviewed journals. It patents its most innovative machinery and registers the trademarks it launches.

Although Bramham Gardens is very proud to illustrate the skills of the French Tech, it is open on the world and several of the employees of the firm teach abroad and in particular at Imperial College in London.